Seven Awards!!

The awards are piling up ūüôā I’ve recently received seven awards (!!) and have saved them up for today: The Best Moment Award from¬†chandanimane , The Super Sweet Award from¬†Pallaksharma,¬†the Liebster Award¬†from¬†franny stevenson,¬†the¬†Wonderful Team Membership Award¬†from Ajay, the Sunshine Award from Kavita Joshi, and the Dragon’s Loyalty Award and Shine on Award from Melissa Janda!Continue reading “Seven Awards!!”

Super Sweet Award

Oh, my goodness, it’s award time again! This time the delectable Super Sweet Award! I have two sweet bloggers to thank for my award: That absolute honey – Melissa Janda! & The ever delicious – Christina Jones! They are both very talented writers and super sweet bloggers and they both really know how to makeContinue reading “Super Sweet Award”

Another Sunshine Award and the Best Moment Award :-D

My head is reeling! In the same week that I was nominated for a sunshine award I find I’ve been nominated for another two awards!!!!!! The Sunshine Award presented to me by the piggielicious PigLove and the Best Moment Award which I’m choosing from the lovely¬†Ajay‘s Bouquet of 3 Awards. In the words of AntonContinue reading “Another Sunshine Award and the Best Moment Award :-D”

The Sunshine Award

Ok, I’m gonna gush and I’m gonna wear out my exclamation key!!!!!!!!! I got an award today, my second one, the lovely happy, sunshiney Sunshine Award!!! I woke this morning to find a message from the ever wonderful and very entertaining Melissa Janda¬†telling me I had an award and my heart leaped! Now I canContinue reading “The Sunshine Award”

100 fabulous, talented, awe-inspiring readers. Yay!

Thanks to¬†pflead73¬†at¬†Afterburn!! A big thank-you though to everybody who decided to click that follow button, you are all decidedly awesome – and hopefully you know it! I have been so inspired, amazed and cheered by your support, and am regularly bowled over by the care and understanding I’ve seen in this wonderful blogging community. ItContinue reading “100 fabulous, talented, awe-inspiring readers. Yay!”