The Blue Hour magazine

Guess who’s soon to be appearing in The Blue Hour magazine for the second time? Oh all right, you guessed it, it’s me 🙂 The Blue Hour magazine is an online art and literary magazine featuring the work of some very talented writers and artists, such as the wonderful Michele Seminara and Anne Bradshaw (IfContinue reading “The Blue Hour magazine”

The Mask of a Genius

. He was late, though the set was ready weeks before, and brought the women cherry nude fondants and fondly pinched their pert young cheeks. . He preened his new suit in the interlude, Oh, the praise he urged for his gold silk shirt! His moustache erect and suitably crude. . The cats ran away,Continue reading “The Mask of a Genius”

August – Dorothy Parker and Charles Courtney Curran

Charles Courtney Curran – Lotus Lilies 1888 August When my eyes are weeds, And my lips are petals, spinning Down the wind that has beginning Where the crumpled beeches start In a fringe of salty reeds; When my arms are elder-bushes, And the rangy lilac pushes Upward, upward through my heart; Summer, do your worst!Continue reading “August – Dorothy Parker and Charles Courtney Curran”

One July Summer – Dorothy Ardelle Merriam

One July Summer What has happened to summer, That’s what I want to know. Is she on a vacation – Who knows where did she go? Tell, what was she wearing; A zephyr breeze and rosebud Or grass and wild berry? Could she be honeymooning With spring or early fall Or has she gone soContinue reading “One July Summer – Dorothy Ardelle Merriam”

The Essential Rumi – Like This

Listen to this delectable recording of Tilda Swinton reading Like This (and try to forget that it is in order to celebrate the launch of a perfume…) Related articles I swear ~ Rumi ( Ten Life Changing Tips by Rumi ( The brilliance of Rumi (  

The Young May Moon

The Young May Moon by Thomas Moore The young May moon is beaming, love. The glow-worm’s lamp is gleaming, love. How sweet to rove, Through Morna’s grove, When the drowsy world is dreaming, love! Then awake! — the heavens look bright, my dear, ‘Tis never too late for delight, my dear, And the best of allContinue reading “The Young May Moon”

E.E. Cummings – anyone lived in a pretty how town

Hear E.E. Cummings read his famous poem “anyone lived in a pretty how town”. anyone lived in a pretty how town (with up so floating many bells down) spring summer autumn winter he sang his didn’t he danced his did. Women and men(both little and small) cared for anyone not at all they sowed theirContinue reading “E.E. Cummings – anyone lived in a pretty how town”

Fern Hill by Dylan Thomas

Fern Hill by DYLAN THOMAS Now as I was young and easy under the apple boughs About the lilting house and happy as the grass was green,        The night above the dingle starry,                Time let me hail and climb        Golden in the heydays of his eyes, And honoured among wagons I was prince ofContinue reading “Fern Hill by Dylan Thomas”

Max Ernst & Carol Ann Duffy

Carol Ann Duffy The Virgin Punishing the Infant after the painting by Max Ernst He spoke early. Not the goo goo goo of infancy, but I am God. Joseph kept away, carving himself a silent Pinocchio out in the workshed. He said he was a simple man and hadn’t dreamed of this. She grew anxiousContinue reading “Max Ernst & Carol Ann Duffy”

World Poetry Day

In 1999 UNESCO (the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation) declared March 21 to be World Poetry Day, a day now celebrated in hundreds of countries around the world, most especially in classrooms where children are encouraged to take an interest in the form. All too often there are complaints that no-one reads poetry anyContinue reading “World Poetry Day”