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It’s almost September (eek!) and so it’s about time I updated you about the progress on my WIP novel, Aeon Chronosson, and also to share the latest news on my book, Evertrue.

For those who don’t know about my WIP, it’s set in ancient Greece, and follows Aeon, son of the god Chronos, whose job it is to guide the year via the clock of space and time. Catastrophe looms, however, when the machine is sabotaged. Banished for the resulting chaos, Aeon soon uncovers the dark history of the gods, and the harm they’ve caused to humans, and other immortals, likewise banished and ready for a battle between heaven and earth! As the world falls under the control of a sinister necromancer and his army of undead, Aeon realises the gods he so desperately wants to rejoin are worse than any monster. Their reign must come to an end, and only he can stop them.

The critical read I received in July has helped so much with this latest round of edits for my novel (you can read about the inspiration for this story here). I’ve rewritten the first few chapters (again!) and found that I was able to add so much more detail to the story, bringing out layers of character development, and foreshadowing, that I’d previously missed. It really has been a joy to work on, and I’m hoping by the end of it that the novel will be so much stronger for it. In the meantime, the edit continues, though at this stage I’m hoping it’s done as far as structural work goes and that the rest is polishing, and more polishing ;-D

I put my name down for a 1 to 1 session with the SCBWI Industry Insiders Festival but missed out on selection (it was computer allocated, so just bad luck, I guess), but I’m still looking for ways to get some extra help and advice. I recently read about MS assessments as a competition prize, so I might take a look at this option. For anyone at the same stage of edits, this link might be useful.

My MG novel, Evertrue, is continuing to sell and gain reviews, including a lovely review from CeeBee on the UK Audible page for the audiobook (which is available here, and narrated beautifully by Emma Stansfield). I’d also like to share another, really well-thought out and perceptive review from Darby at Art, Books and Cakes, which you can read here.

For anyone new to this site, Evertrue: An Underworld Fairytale is available to buy here.

That’s all for now! Until the next time, thanks for reading.

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