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A few months ago I wrote a bit about using ACX to turn my book, Evertrue, into an audiobook. In that piece I said I would let you know how I got on–except in reality I said very little more about it. In fact, I’ve been struggling to keep the whole thing secret ever since, because what happened next was incredible! Now at last I can reveal all, including the identity of the amazing narrator for the Evertrue audiobook, which is available on Audible, Amazon and will soon follow on iTunes. Please do take a look, I will wait for you.

To save Grandma Crick from being fed to the ravenous Monger turtles, Mila must journey into the underworld to steal the Evertrue Emerald from the demon, Malrook. Joined by a motley bunch of experts through the deadly, dragon-infested caves, they meet Captain Tuna, the accordion-playing walrus, a karate-kicking fairy, and a colony of strange and grumpy troglonomes. As time runs out, Mila discovers that friendship and ingenuity can unearth the greatest strength of all and win her heart’s desire. Evertrue is available as paperback and eBook, and now as an audiobook, narrated by the lovely Emma Stansfield.

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Emma has been an actress and voice artist for over 20 years, she studied at the Central School of Speech and Drama. She is known for her TV work in shows such as ‘Call the Midwife’, ‘The Tudors’, ‘Endeavour’, and most recently ‘The Salisbury Poisonings’, and has appeared in many theatre productions including working at The National Theatre, The Donmar Warehouse and in the West End.

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Hearing Emma bring Evertrue to life was an amazing experience, and she was a delight to work with. If she ever tired of my endless emails and questions she never let it show! Her range of voices and accents is dazzling and she narrates with such warmth and enthusiasm that I was absolutely blown away! Of Evertrue Emma said, “I really enjoyed myself working on your lovely story, it was a joy to narrate.”. (NB In the audio you can actually hear the joy in her voice :-D) If I was ever pleased to see Evertrue as a book, that feeling has multiplied to insane levels listening to it.

So now that the audiobook is finally here, and has been such a delight to see in its finished form I can say that the experience of using ACX has been a wonderful one, without doubt the best thing I could have done. It introduced me to not one but two amazing narrators, as I also had some of my short stories narrated by Dominic Cook, helping me reach listeners on YouTube. You can catch those here and here, by the way. I am so glad to be able to share the work of these amazing talents with you, and hope you will take the opportunity to check out their work.

P.s. For anyone interested in downloading Audible I have been given this link for you to check out here (UK) and here (US) as part of the ACX Bounty Program. It rewards Rights Holders and Producers for successfully promoting their audiobooks to new members on Audible. The unique link entitles the user to a bonus each time an audiobook purchased through that link is the first purchase of a new Audible member.

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