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I have great news to post up today and a chance for you guys to check out some of my work. I was told this morning that Short Kid Stories are to publish my story, Max and the Moonmaid, about a boy who catches a clever shape-shifting mermaid but who soon regrets it when she turns into a ravenous dragon. You can read this 6 minute story about max here If you like the story there’s an option to rate it on the site, plus you can visit my author page via the link. The site has many short stories to read; originals, retellings and classics, featuring favourites from Hans Christian Andersen, L. Frank Baum and Countess D’Aulnoy and more.

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Hi, I’m Jill, a writer and teacher living in the UK, usually behind a desk but sometimes on a sofa with a book or a film. I began writing at around age three, legibly by five, although I didn’t write any stories until I was older. Aged eleven, I began writing children’s fiction, mostly middle-grade fantasy and I’m still doing it to this day. I have had stories published online and in My Weekly magazine. The best bit about writing is when ideas pop into your head (from the writing fairy presumably?) and everything starts clipping together like a jigsaw puzzle. The worst bit? When you start to get the feeling there's a piece missing from the box...

4 thoughts on “Short Kid Stories

  1. Hi Jill,

    Delighted to have your story published on our site.
    It’s seeing quality authors such as yourself generously presenting their work to audiences all around the world that makes it all worthwhile.

    It’s a fun and creative story so I hope many people will read and enjoy it.


    1. Thanks so much for your kind comments! Getting a publisher or literary agent onboard with a book is incredibly tough, as we all know only too well, and authors need all the opportunities for exposure they can get. Websites like yours are invaluable for getting seen, and all the work you undoubtedly put in to such a venture demands my total respect. It’s a great resource for readers and writers alike.


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