Henry Tonks – Spring Days 1928

Spring Days 1928 by Henry Tonks 1862-1937



SPRING DAYS c. 1926–29

Inscr. ‘H. Tonks 1928’ b.l.
Canvas, 34×32 (86×81).
Chantrey Purchase from the artist 1931.

Apparently this painting was begun in 1926 and ‘repainted at various times with different models’ as Tonks was never entirely satisfied with it.

Henry TonksFRCS (9 April 1862 – 8 January 1937) was a British surgeon and later draughtsman and painter of figure subjects, chiefly interiors, and a caricaturist. He became an influential art teacher.

He was one of the first British artists to be influenced by the French Impressionists; he exhibited with the New English Art Club, and was an associate of many of the more progressive artists of late Victorian Britain, including James McNeill WhistlerWalter SickertJohn Singer Sargent and George Clausen. Source: Wikipedia

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    1. It’s gorgeous isn’t it?
      My new mechanical pencil arrived the other day but I’ve been too busy to take it for a test run 😦 By Monday things will hopefully have eased off a little here and I’ll let you know how I get on, and finish your brilliant book soon, too! Hope you’re keeping well Matthew 🙂
      (Btw, do you prefer Matt? I’d get shivers down my spine if someone called me Jillian (that was for my mother to use when I was in the dog-house))


      1. That’s exciting! I’m looking forward to seeing your new drawings. I loved the gazelle picture. Don’t get in a hurry about the book. I know life is busy. I noticed “The Lone Ranger” is out now. Are you going to see that? It has Johnny Depp in it. You’re fond of him, aren’t you? 😉

        No, I don’t have a preference about the name. Pick whichever one you want. It’s OK. It’s thoughtful of you to ask, though. I used to have a co-worker who called me “Mack” all the time. That was a little annoying.

        Hope you’re having a good weekend.


      2. You’ve been reading my comments!!! LOL, what’s not to like with Johnny 😉

        I’m not sure about The Lone Ranger. I only saw one trailer for it (when I saw Star Trek I think) and I was too stunned that they’re doing a film of it to really notice whether it looked any good! I did think Now You See Me looks fun though. How about you? Do you like the cinema? (I know you prefer watching TV retrospectively :-))

        We had a little sun this weekend 🙂 and I’m getting some work out of the way so it’s been a good one. Hope you’re having a good weekend too, Mack, I mean, Matthew 🙂


      3. You mentioned Jack Sparrow when you were accepting an award not too long ago. One of the interrogation questions had something to do with pirates.

        I do go out and watch movies, but not very often. I saw the new Star Trek movie. It was brilliant. I like Simon Pegg as Scottie. And it blew my mind to see Mickey from Doctor Who … in Star Trek. I hated to see him get blown up so early, though.

        I can’t remember the last movie I saw before that … I think it was Extremely Loud, Incredibly Close. That was a good one, but it was painfully sad.

        Have a wonderful evening, Jillian. 🙂


  1. Wonderful painting,… everything radiant and in bloom (including the girls of course), Had never heard of Henry Tonks… with a name like that he could do well as the protagonist of a bawdy limerick.


      1. LOL! I love it! I’m starting to see a whole new side of you, my friend, as a talented limericist 😉
        Limericks are the best, the sillier the better and I know lots of silly ones!


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