My Neighbour Totoro

My Neighbour Totoro is yet another unique and mesmerizing film from Studio Ghibli, which follows the adventures of two sisters who discover friendly wood spirits around their new house and garden in rural Japan. The artwork is delectable and the pace of the movie captures the spirit of those endless sunny days of childhood, when adventure and magic seemed a whisker away.

Watch this short but sweet behind the scenes clip featuring the voice actors from the English-speaking version, including the wonderfully precocious Elle and Dakota Fanning.


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8 thoughts on “My Neighbour Totoro

  1. I always watch Ghibli in Japanese, so I haven’t heard the Fanning sisters’ rendition. Thank you for this, I don’t see posts about Ghibli movies very often here. Ghibli movies are so full of magic; my favorite is Howl’s Moving Castle, but I love them all. Especially with Joe Hisaishi’s masterful soundtrack.


    1. I would find it impossible to choose between Howl’s Moving Castle or Spirited Away. I adore them both!
      Studio Ghibli is very special in what it does. You find a unique perspective with their films, and they aren’t chasing their tails trying to be commercial like some other animation studios 😉 Glad you enjoyed the post, Daniel xx


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