Glam! The Performance of Style – Tate Liverpool: Exhibition 8 February – 12 May 2013


If you’re going to be anywhere near Liverpool tomorrow (or any time up until May 12th)  you might like to take a look at this exhibition at the Tate Liverpool. The blurb sounds interesting enough; “Bringing together more than 100 artworks the exhibition will reveal the genealogy of glam. Themes of glamour, camp, exaggerated identity, androgyny, eroticism and dandyism will be explored in the work of David HockneyAndy WarholCindy ShermanAllen JonesRichard Hamilton, Peter Hujar and many more”.

Rose Sélavy (Marcel Duchamp). 1921. Photograph...
Rrose Sélavy (Marcel Duchamp). 1921. Man Ray.

The exhibition includes Marcel Duchamp’s alter ego Rrose Sélavy (for all you surrealists), and if there isn’t a section on Quentin Crisp I will be forced to eat Mr London’s bowler hat, so hopefully there is. The exhibition also includes “a new adaptation of Marc Camille Chaimowicz’s spectacular, glitter-strewn installation Celebration? Realife featuring mirror balls, strobe and stage lighting and music including David Bowie”. Entry price: £8, Concessions and family tickets available.

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