Aeon Chronosson

Hello and welcome to my website! Here you can read about my latest story, Aeon Chronosson, a fantasy adventure filled with dark magic and Olympian rivalry set in ancient Greece, spanning multiple exciting worlds.

Aeon is a son of the god Chronos and, like his brothers and sisters before him, it’s his turn to guide the year via the clock of space and time. It’s a huge responsibility and Aeon wants to do his family proud but pleasing a bunch as volatile as the Greek gods isn’t easy. When the clock is sabotaged, Aeon is banished from Mount Olympus for the resulting chaos. Lost in the wilderness and unsure who to trust, Aeon begins to see a dark side of the Olympians and must untangle a web of intrigue, battling his own conscience before coming to the terrible truth; the reign of the gods must end and only he can stop them.

Join Aeon on a journey through many lands, from the palaces of heaven through a golden stairway in the stars down to Hades’ underworld realm (via a ride on crafty Charon’s ferry). Follow him as he navigates Thanatos’ shifting deadlands to bargain for a friend’s life and on, to prepare for an epic showdown of gods and monsters.

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